Mike has first established himself as the guitarist and keyboardist of the Hong Kong indie rock band Chochukmo since 2008. He has then released 2 albums with the band, namely "The King Lost His Pink" and "A Tragedy Your Majesty", and has started touring with the band in Taiwan, Mainland China and South East Asia, performing in festivals such as Formoz Festival (Taiwan), Megaport Festival (Taiwan), Strawberry Music Festival (China), Clockenflap (Hong Kong) etc.

Mike has also been active in the pop music scene since 2011, has been working with singers such as Sammi Cheng,  Ivana Wong, Anthony Wong, HOCC, Ellen Loo for production, arrangement and live.

Mike has his first trial of stepping into the field of music curatorial in 2014, while being invited by the West Kowloon Freespace Fest as one of the music curators. Instead of simply putting together a line-up of bands and musicians, he has compiled a list of music programs which have been challenging the comfort zone of both the musicians and the audience. With programs like "Supper Moment goes instrumental" and "When classical meets beatboxing", the curatorial has been receiving very good reviews. (

Mike has started working with different theatre productions as a composer and music director since 2015, namely "Lazy people are always busy" (Windmill Grass theatre), "Lazy people love travelling" (Windmill Grass Theatre) & "The black & blue of a man" (Theatre Horizon).

Mike has kicked off his solo project "Mike Orange & the Universe Travellers" in late 2016.

In 2017, Mike has been invited by Hong Kong Ballet to be the composer of the remake of "Carmen", with the compositions being nominated for "outstanding composition / Sound Designs" for Hong Kong Dance Awards 2018.